What are the fees involved?

Full time Care


Monthly fee

R9 500.00 per person pm (sharing)

R12 500.00 per person pm single

All fees are VAT excl and are payable monthly in advance

Day Care:

Monthly fee

Our monthly fee is R7000.00 per month, monthly in advance. This fee is payable on or before the first of each month.

All fees are VAT excl.

Daily fee

Our daily fee is R500.00 per day, daily in advance

Saturdays and Sundays: R600.00 per day payable in advance

All fees are VAT excl.

Respite Care:

Our daily fee is R450.00 per day, payable in advance. VAT excl. 


When are the fees payable?

ALL fees are payable before we can accept a resident.