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Tree of Life Adult Day Care and Adult respite care

(Service availability is dependant on available space)





Our day care services include:



3 main meals per day – breakfast at 08h00, snacks (coffee/tea and snacks) at 10h00, lunch at 12h00, snacks (tea/coffee and snacks) at 15h00 and  supper at 17h00.

– personal care and supervision

– afternoon nap from around 13h00 until about 15h00

– changing of nappies (nappies and neoprene gloves to be provided) Where applicable

– activities ie. adult colouring, knitting, crochet work, puzzle building, reading, and whatever activity the specific person desires and is able to perform.



07h00 until 17h30 – unless otherwise arranged.


Respite Care


Are you taking care of your loved one yourselves and need a break?

WE will take care of your loved one during the period you would like to take a break

Please contact us for more information .