A little bit about ourselves

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Tree of Life Care (Pty) Ltd. is a non-medical Care facility focussing on taking Care of adult persons in need of companionship, care or supervision full time or during the day when their primary carers are tending to their day jobs.

Our main focus is on those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease as well as from any of the other types of Dementia.:)


What do I do?



What do I do when my loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or one of the other dementias?

Improve your knowledge about the illness. Find out as much as possible so that you can prepare yourself (and your family) for what the future holds.

Secondly, find a care facility as soon as possible so that your loved one can be taken care of as best as possible. Most family members think that they are able and willing to take care of such a person, just to find out (most of the time too late), that the illness demands too much of them to handle.

Always ensure that the care facility staff have sufficient knowledge about Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Remember that a care facility is equipped to take care of the symptoms, moods and general needs.


Services we offer

  •  full time care 
  •  adult day care
  • respite care



Although we are a non-medical Care facility, we contracted

Caressa Nursing Care Services (Pty) Ltd. to professionally take care of the health of our residents